Safety is the first priority in all operations at Northwest Transportation. After 18 years experience in the industry, we know how crucial equipment is for safety.


That is why we have invested in new 2016 Volvo VNL670 tractors with the latest safety features: Adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance system with active braking and front warning/object detection, high-strength steel cab, airbag, safety mirrors, electronic stability technology, traction control, I shift transmission with hill start assist, automatic brake slack adjusters, heated wind shield, LED headlamps, commercial GPS system etc.


We know the importance of communicating risks, hazards and responsibilities to drivers to prevent accidents (safe assembly, driving during night, fatigue, icy roads, braking on slippery surface, fog, distance to other traffic, railway crossings,  medication, DUI, lack of sleep, stress, danger during drop and hook/secure load/connections, no use of hand held cell phones).


We are always aware of our equipment condition. We make drivers accountable to ensure early discovery of equipment failure, do proper pre and post trip inspections according to DOT standards; safe assembly, check tire pressure/tread/damage, brake failure/avoid overheating, brake tests, exhaust leaks into cab, etc.


We follow HOS rules. We make sure drivers are trained and know how to operate according to rules set.


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