Northwest Transportation is an independent contracted service provider for FedEx Ground, incorporated in California. The company takes pride in joining FedEx’ mission to meet customer requirements in the highest quality manner and strive to develop mutually rewarding relationships with its employees, partners and suppliers.


Safety is the first consideration in all operations and corporate activities are conducted to the highest ethical and professional standards. Northwest Transportation is in good standing and has good financials.


The history behind:

Lars Ivar Kristianslund is the solely owner and President/CEO of Northwest Transportation and brings over 18 years of experience in the trucking industry, logistics, business management and development experience to his position. Lars grew up in a big family on a dairy farm in Norway. At early age he got used responsibilities and hard work. The farm expanded its business into custom machinery work. At age 16 Kristianslund operated a range of farm equipment and did custom seeding, harvesting etc for other farmers. His father then started trucking of hay to Norwegian farmers. Lars Kristianslund became a licensed CDL Class A driver with double endorsement at age 19 and had his first trucking job at the beginning of 1998. Since then he has driven truck with trailers all over Norway in all form of weather conditions.


In 2000, he started his own trucking company and continued to expand. In 2005 he merged his company with his brother’s company PK Transport to form Kristianslund Transport. The company continued it’s successful expansion and got major customers like Veolia Environment. Kristianslund Transport got contracts for all transport in, out and between some of their biggest recycling plants. They served municipalities, transfer stations, demolition contractors, loaded and unloaded ships with scrap metal etc. One of the plants processed 60 000 tons scrap metal every year. Veolia were extremely satisfied by their service and reported that they got more customers due to Kristianslund Transports predictable and reliable transportation services.


In 2008 Kristianslund Transports revenue reached 10 million USD and had 27 trucks with trailers. During all these years Lars Kristianslund has been hands on and has organized all daily operations. He is used to time sensitive freight as well as peak seasons. Each year during spring after a long winter, the recycling industry (which was their biggest group of customers) exploded. Kristianslund Transport had to add trucks and drivers to their fleet every spring to be able to keep up and provide excellent service.


In the spring of 2009, Kristianslund Transport was sold to a larger company with 130 trucks. Lars Kristianslund stayed with the new owner as CEO/ General Manager until the fall of 2011. Being a part of even a larger company gave Kristianslund even more insight in how to run a trucking company successfully.


During all these years Kristianslund Transport experienced overwhelming customer satisfaction and growth, never had an serious accident or injury and was able to make profit in a competitive market. One of the keys to their success was having participation at every level. By driving trucks himself, Kristianslund was able to understand what was going on and was able to communicate well with customers and drivers to improve efficiency.


During 2012 and 2013 Lars Kristianslund obtained driving experience in North America as well driving double grain trucks, at the family farm in Canada that produces 12 000 tons grain a year.


Lars Kristianslund has obtained a California CDL Class A license with double/triple and Hazmat endorsements. He has also completed a 160 hours training in the Tractor Trailer Operator Program on January 15, 2016 at the Fedex approved American Truck School, LLC in Redding, CA.

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